Bread Puddings

All Bread Puddings are available via pre-order, in-store inventory may vary daily!

rocky road

One of your favorite ice cream treats, transformed into one of Arleen's famous bread Puddings. Chocolate based bread pudding with sliced almonds and a twist of marshmallow fluff. Rocky Road Bread Pudding is served with a velvety marshmallow sauce.

creole scramble with spicy pesto (SF)

The newest addition to our breakfast bread pudding menu.  Classic breakfast combination of eggs, sausage and the right amount of spice!  It is paired with a spicy pesto sauce, laced with jalapenos and green chilies it will certainly get you moving in the morning.

maple bacon with salted maple glaze

This dense and chewy bread pudding is a hearty sweet/savory snack you will love. Candied bacon is baked right on top and it is served best with the salted maple glaze.

french toast with maple syrup and praline topping

French toast in a cup! Baked right into this signature dish, a delicious caramelized layer with toasted pecans. Glazed with a praline topping made from real maple syrup - you won't have to wait for Sunday Brunch.

eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce (SF)

The gourmet breakfast feast made into our latest Sweet Arleen's Savory Bread Pudding. Canadian Bacon is sautéed then mixed with Cheddar and baked into an English Muffin bread pudding. It is served with warm Hollandaise sauce – Delish!

dulce de leche with caramel sauce

This bread pudding is a sweet combination of dark bittersweet chocolate and thick dulce de leche, creating a dessert filled with chocolaty-butterscotch goodness.

white chocolate and blueberry with vanilla bean sauce

Our unique flavor combination takes white chocolate, cinnamon and blueberries then marries them into a delicious classic bread pudding.

caramel apple with vanilla bean sauce (GF)

Good to the core - caramel apple bread pudding! Fresh Granny Smith apples are sauteed with cinnamon sugar, added to tender cinnamon bread, folded into our own homemade caramel sauce and baked. Arleen's newest creation!

pumpkin with caramelized brown sugar topping

Harvest season brings us this annual classic. Familiar flavors are baked together and paired with pure pumpkin. This dessert is like all the best parts of autumn.

bananas foster with caramel sauce

A classic take on the New Orleans classic, our Bananas Foster is flambéed and baked to perfection, then drizzled with warm house-made caramel sauce.

peach cobbler with amaretto sauce

This moist bread pudding is balanced between tender peaches and a sweet dash of spices. This original Sweet Arleen's favorite is topped off with toasted cobbler and is sure to delight your taste buds all year long.

lemon cream cheese with raspberry sauce

A refreshing take on lemon cheesecake! This tender treat has a distinct lemon flavor perfectly balanced with smooth cream cheese. A tart raspberry sauce makes this bread pudding delicious and irresistible!

sweet chocolate with chocolate sauce

A chocolate lovers delight! A genuine chocolate flavor explodes out of this sweet chocolate treat. Served warm and topped off with our smooth, rich chocolate sauce. Get your chocolate fix with this one-of-a-kind delight.

mac ‘n cheese with toasted parmesan

A childhood classic all grown up, with the finest blends of cheese and a pinch of cayenne. True comfort food in a hand-held serving. Topped with toasted Parmesan.

corn & smoked chicken sausage with piquillo pepper sauce

A symphony of sauteed corn, jalapeno, onion and smoked chicken sausage folded into our bread pudding custard with a bed of asiago cheese. Baked into rich and creamy submission, and finished with a kicked up roasted Piquillo pepper and smoked paprika sauce.

spinach & artichoke with chipolte cream sauce

The classic dip now dresses up for its bread pudding debut! Subtle veggie flavors combined with Monterey Jack and Parmesan cheeses. This savory single-serving is baked, and then we add a little spark with a drizzle of chipotle cream sauce.

(GF) - Gluten Free     (SF) - Sugar Free     All Bread Puddings available in Mini + Jumbo by pre-order

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