Sweet Occasions

CEO Arleen Scavone showing off some of her delectable cakes and desserts

Enjoy Sweet Arleen's cupcakes and bread puddings at your next Sweet Occasion.

Weddings, parties, office meetings, celebrations or just because…our skilled and creative staff will help you plan a scrumptious dessert for a memorable event.

Consultation & Tastings

Contact us to request a consultation or tasting with Pastry Chef Julia.

Make it special

Choose from an array of sweet treats and customize the flavors and decorations to personalize your special day.

  • Cupcakes are available in all 3 sizes - Jumbo, Standard, and Mini.
  • Centerpiece cakes ranging from 4” to 12” - round or square. Cake Pricing.
  • Bread puddings, with paired sauces, are available in regular, mini and 9" jumbo sizes.
  • Our display stand is available for rental to display your cupcakes or bread puddings.


"One of the smartest decisions we made was to serve cupcakes to our guests," Megan says of the couple's decision to forgo a formal cake. Sweet Arleen's arranged the miniature treats on a cake stand with a double-layer cake on top, allowing the bride and groom "to have a traditional cake-cutting," Megan says.

What's New

Special Events:
Mon 4/7 Cupcake Madness Winner announced

Tues 4/29 6:30pm - 9:00pm Saddle Peak 1st Annual Bridal Show- Saddle Peak Lodge, Calabasas

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