Season 8 - Battle of the Assistants - Blue Man Group

food network

Season 3 - Battle of the Champions - Tony Awards

food network

Season 1 - LA Film Festival

food network

Sweet Arleen's Buzz Show on AT&T Uverse

Cupcake queen reveals sweet secrets

Sweet Arleens on Access Hollywood

Fox 26 - From Banking To Baking on 'Cupcake Wars'

Sweet Arleen’s at ESPN Zone’s Grammy preview event featured on

Arleen & Julia show Fox 5 viewers holiday baking tips “Beyond Pumpkin Pie” Fox 5

Cooking Channel - Sweet Arleen's get Sweet 'n Sticky with her Bread Puddings on Unique Sweets

cooking channel

Mobile - Sweet Arleen's hits the streets at the Santa Barbara Food Truck Festival

Santa Barbara Food Truck Festival

Eat Street - Fans of Sweet Arleen's Cupcake Mobile get their sweets on Eat Street

eat street

PROJECT MENU PILOT - check out our "Sizzle Reel"

project menu

Special Events:
Mon 4/7 Cupcake Madness Winner announced

Tues 4/29 6:30pm - 9:00pm Saddle Peak 1st Annual Bridal Show- Saddle Peak Lodge, Calabasas

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